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Our Mission

 The mission of Fresh Bread Christian Ministries is to offer spiritual  guidance and provide a haven where the hurting, the depressed, the  frustrated, and the confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope,  forgiveness, and encouragement. (Romans 15:1-2) 

Love God, Love People, Serve Everyone

Our Pastors

Sr. Pastor Daniel Fagan
Co Pastor Mary A. Fagan
Assoc. Pastor Ron Walker 

Fresh Bread Devotionals

Fresh Bread: 

30 Day Devotional Book 1 

by Sr. Pastor Daniel Fagan

The Process: 

FBCM 30 Day Devotional Book 2 

by Associate Pastor Ron Walker

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New Books from Fresh Bread

Book cover for "You Don't Know My Story," by Mary A. Fagan

You Don't Know My Story

 You Don’t Know My Story: “One of us gonna die tonight. One of us gonna  die tonight. One of us gonna die tonight. These words continued to echo  in my head as I sat frozen with fear crying, bleeding and wondering what  was going on. The state of confusion began to dissipate as I saw vivid  flashes of what my life had been. In the midst of the intense chaos  around me, I drifted back to where it ALL began.”  

"The Promise is Yours," by Associate Pastor Ron Walker

The Promise is Yours

Many times in life we get discouraged because people just don’t seem to  understand what we’re trying to do or where we’re trying to go, but the  thing to understand is that it’s not their promise. The promise is ours.  We can’t expect everyone to see our vision because it wasn’t given to  them. They’re not built  for what God has promised you. The promise is yours. 

The latest book from Associate Pastor Ron Walker, You're Too Close to Give Up Now

You're Too Close to Give Up Now

Everyone goes through hard times, but quitting won’t get you any closer  to your goal. Now isn’t the time to let go. Now is the time to hold on  tighter and believe in yourself even more. “You’re Too Close to Give Up  Now,” is a collection of quotes, stories and real-life testimony geared  towards getting you where you need to be. Be stronger. Believe more. Do  better. You’re too close to give up now! 


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